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The story behind LCB Tutoring....

R.I.P. (LCB) Luther Charles Bradley, the true reason for it all! :)

Dear Uncle,

Thank you for always loving and believing in my dream of being a teacher, which started when I was in Pre-K. Here's me, Angela, in 1st grade on Career Day. Because of you, I have followed my dream and created my business in remembrance of you. I want to help our youth follow their dreams and believe in their goals, just like you did for me.  Love, Ann

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Tying Shoes

What makes LCB Tutoring different?

1. We put ourselves in student's shoes by using The Whole Child Approach!

2. We equip students not only to excel academically, but also with life with a customized, personal approach!

3. We do not believe in a "One Size Fits All" approach, and we recognize that every student is different, and we love and accept them for their uniqueness!

How can LCB help?

LCB helps 2-8 grade leaders in Reading Comprehension and Writing achieve progress using the Whole Child Approach to learning. 

What is the Whole Child Approach?

The Whole Child Approach:

  • matches student's interest 

  • relates learning to life

  • makes learning fun & relatable

  • career-oriented lessons

  • student-centered

  • hands-on

LCB's Goal!

  • Students show significant academic improvement in as little as 8 sessions.

  • Students walk away remembering what they learned from each session, because learning here is fun and related to life which makes it easier to remember.

  • Students will love learning and develop a College and Career ready mindset at a young age, while simultaneously soaring in Reading Comprehension and Writing!

Our Framework

LCB Tutoring Framework UPDATED and NEW!.png

Our services

Classmates in the Library

Test Prep

Grades 2-8

Does your student struggle with confidence when taking a test? Does your student lack study strategies needed to perform well on tests? After taking a test, does your student discover that they knew the answer but still did not get it correct on a test? Does the thought of even taking a test scare and cause anxiety for your student? Let's face it, test taking is a life long strategy that even we as adults have to face from time to time. In certain states, test can often determine if a student goes to the next grade level or not. If this is an area of need or concern for your student, you may want to consider tutoring for test prep. Having some doubts, questions, or just need more info?
Schedule a free consultation!

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