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Book A Free "No Pressure" Tutoring Consultation here!

How to schedule a FREE Tutoring Consultation:

Getting in touch is easy! :)

For interest in scheduling a "No Pressure Tutoring Consultation", you choose one of the 3 options above to get in touch.

When I get back with you, here's what to expect:

1) I will email you a Calendly link with time slots where you can choose a free no pressure tutor consultation to discuss questions, concerns, and what your expectation is for tutoring. On my end, I will share detailed information about LCB Tutoring tailored to your needs and concerns. You can also go ahead and book a consultation using the button at the top of this page, if you would like!

2) If we see this might be a good fit, I will request documents from you that will be discussed during the consultation. I will then schedule a time to meet the student 1 on 1 for a free "get to know" session with your student and  perform testing to set academic goals and develop a plan. 

3) You will receive their testing results and from there, you and I will collaborate via email or by phone to determine the best plan for your student. 

Fill out this quick form and we will get in touch with you!

Feel free to email me with any questions, inquiries, or concerns.

Thanks for submitting!

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