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Online Tutoring by Angela!! 

We give busy parents a peace of mind, by helping their Kindergarten-8th Grade Child excel and have fun learning Reading, Writing, and Math!


Are you tired of watching your child struggle with Reading, Writing, and/or Math? Do you often feel, as a parent, lost on how to actually help your child overcome the struggle? Do you find yourself feeling guilty and anxious, because you want to help your child excel, but you are not quite sure how?

...This is where LCB Tutoring comes in. Trust and believe we get it and truly understand the burdens you are facing with your child, and are sorry you are experiencing this. Best believe we offer fun, interactive, engaging lessons that will have your child on the edge of their seat-excited to learn, and getting emails from teachers sharing how much they have improved!


Whether you're a homeschooling parent seeking support or a fellow tutoring business owner ready to elevate your practice, LCB Tutoring is your partner in educational excellence. 🌈 Join us on this exciting path to academic success and let's inspire greatness together!"

We are the fun, educational, affordable Summer Camp you have been looking for...STOP the GOOGLE SEARCH!

Online Summer Camps 2024 Snag the Early Bird Rate for just $250 a month and comes with FREE weekly Field Trips and FUN Virtual Activities!!!

Enroll in more than one, and get $50 discount on Camp #2! Sibling Discounts of $50!

Review from one of our amazing parents, Amy!

Angela is AMAZING! Before choosing Angela, I emailed several tutors for my son. Angela responded with the most positive email. I knew my son would vibe with her very well. My son has been struggle with reading/comprehension since the start of the pandemic (1st grade for him) He has been falling behind and was not on grade level for reading. My son started with Angela in January 2022 and by the middle of April he was already at his end of year goal for 3rd grade. She has the best ways to help him learn and kept his attention. She aksi provides all necessary materials (whiteboard, markers, folders, etc) WE LOVE HER!!

-Amy Frens, Brody Mom


Does your child struggle with Reading and Writing? At LCB Tutoring, we understand the concerns parents have when their children encounter difficulties in these crucial skills.  Our dedicated team specializes in guiding students from Kindergarten through 8th grade, providing personalized support to turn these challenges into strengths. We even help students get out of their IEPss! Let us help your child build confidence, excel in reading, and become a proficient writer. Together, we'll transform academic struggles into success stories. Join us on this empowering journey! 📚✨

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Did you know that spelling is disappearing from 95% of schools? 🚫✨

This is a SERIOUS Problem! Without your child learning to spell, they will struggle to read, write, speak, and the list goes on..

At LCB Tutoring, we recognize the importance of spelling and its impact on language proficiency.

Introducing Spell Genius Academy—a self-paced program designed for parents on the go. 🌟

Short on time but in need of flexibility and support? Our academy offers the perfect solution, allowing your child to master spelling at their own pace, all while receiving expert guidance. Give your child the tools for success in language skills.

Enroll in Spell Genius Academy today by clicking the link below, it's only $175 per month and you can cancel at anytime! 

Once you purchase it below, immediately screenshot or take a picture and
Text it to: 210 305 2904 or
Email:, so I can send you a link to a discovery call to go over everything and get your child's supplies and walkie talkie for ongoing support!

Can't wait to have you join!!

Not sure if you are ready to invest in Spell Genius just yet and want more information? 

No problem, schedule a $0 information call below! Let us give you a phone tour and answer all your questions!

No pressure or obligation, just information!

Other Services we offer!


Support for Tutoring Business Owners!

(Christian-based Coaching)

Are you thinking of starting your tutoring business but worried about the costs? Hey there, I get it! That's why I created Tutor Power Hours at LCB Tutoring. It's an affordable way for you to learn the ropes without spending a fortune on coaching. Think of it as your tutoring business support system on a budget.

During these sessions, you can ask any questions you have about getting your business off the ground or taking it to the next level. It's interactive, it's practical, and guess what? You'll also have complimentary Voxer support because I'm committed to helping you succeed every step of the way. Let's make your tutoring dream a reality without breaking the bank.


Join us for Tutor Power Hours and let's get started together! ✨


Homeschool Mama Support Bundles!

Calling all homeschooling mamas! 🏡✨


Are you feeling overwhelmed and in need of some support and guidance? Look no further!


At LCB Tutoring, I've crafted something special just for you.

Introducing our Homeschooling Mama Bundles—a lifesaver for just $99! With these bundles, you'll get comprehensive school year support covering everything from schedules to overcoming mental blocks, choosing the right curriculum, handling grades and reporting. It's your roadmap to homeschooling success!

But wait, there's more!


As part of this bundle, I'll provide complimentary ID cards for you and your kids. These IDs aren't just for show; they'll bag you awesome discounts! And that's not all—I'll also teach you how to access FREE resources and funds as a homeschooling mama.

Let's make your homeschooling journey smoother and more rewarding. Join our Homeschooling Mama Bundles today and embrace a supportive community that's here to uplift and guide you every step of the way. 🌟📚


3rd-12th grade Executive Function Coaching for Students!!

Ever heard of executive function coaching? It's a game-changer for students in 3rd to 12th grade. 🌟

Let me break it down: Executive function skills are like the superheroes of learning—they help kids manage time, stay organized, tackle tasks, and regulate emotions. But here's the catch—some kids need a little extra support to strengthen these skills.

That's where our Executive Function Coaching comes in! It's all about empowering students with tools and strategies to boost their focus, organization, planning, and self-regulation abilities. Picture it as a personalized training ground to enhance your child's learning superpowers!

Curious if this could be a game-changer for your child? Let's chat! Book a FREE call with us to explore if Executive Function Coaching is the missing piece in your child's academic journey. 🚀💡

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Want to speak with a member from our staff to learn more about our program and see if it's a good fit for your child? We do also offer FREE assessments! Fill out the form on the right!

Feel free to email me with any questions, inquiries, or concerns.

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