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Welcome to LCB Online Tutoring by Angela!

We help struggling students in 3rd-8th grade restore their confidence in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math which leads to our students feeling empowered, better grades, and relieved parents! It does not feel good to see your child struggling, lets help you get some relief, so you and your child can start to live your BEST LIFE!

Watch the video above to know how we help busy, stressed out parents get a peace of mind when it comes to their child's education!!

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Our parents  LOVE it here!


They see significant improvement with their child in just 3 months or less

-We strive to build relationships and parents are treated like family

-We consistently update parents on their child's progress

-We treat our kids like our own and provide them with all supplies

-Their children LOVE coming to tutoring because they have fun and learn

-They get text from teachers mentioning the improvement of their child

As featured in Canvas Rebel Magazine!

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We give busy parents, just like you, a well needed peace of mind!

We do this by restoring your child's confidence in their Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills! Our "Whole Child Approach" model equips students to experience success in middle school, high school, college, and beyond! LCB Tutoring is a 1 stop shop!

What is LCB Tutoring's secret to creating confident Readers & Writers?

Did you see the video above of one of our leaders? Can you hear the confidence and excitement in her voice as she shares her story that SHE wrote on her own, that we used to practice Reading comprehension? The confident student you see above was not always this way! When she started with us, she did not like Reading Comprehension or Writing, but within less than 3 months this changed for her. I'm sure your wondering, what happened? What's the secret?

The secret is: Our passion and dedication for our students! 

Our goal here at LCB Tutoring is to prepare our future generation of leaders for success by helping students grow  confidence in Reading Comprehension and Writing for 3rd-8th graders. Ultimately, this is a WIN-WIN for both students and parents. Students gain confidence and a love for Reading Comprehension and Writing, and parents develop a peace of mind!


We help students go from being frustrated to confident leaders!

LCB Tutoring's mission is to help our young leaders build confidence and soar academically in Reading and Writing by using the "Whole Child Approach" to learning. The L.C.B. experience will allow young leaders to maintain achievement learned while simultaneously empowering them for their bright futures!

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A fun Reading Comprehension activity one of our leaders completed. We created a character from the book we read!

Even though our services are online, we still implement hands-on learning by sending supplies to our leaders!

Our leaders make great progress due to our commitment of helping them build their confidence.

Dear parents,

Let LCB Tutoring take some things off your plate. It's very rewarding to be a parent, but lets be is also very CHALLENGING! Lets not even get started on the challenge of trying  to add "teacher" to your role which can bring about frustration, worry, and stress for both you and your child! We strive to give parents a peace of mind in the "teacher" area with Reading Comprehension and Writing, so you can focus more on just being a parent! 

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To Teach or Not to Teach Book

Are you a current or past educator?

Have you noticed a recent change in the education system?

Are you questioning if you should stay or leave the classroom?

Then this book is for you!

The purpose of this book is to help you relate with honest stories from educators who were and are still in the trenches so you can choose the right path for you. In this book I share why I left the classroom and chose to pursue my calling through tutoring and entrepreneurship!

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Feel free to email me with any questions, inquiries, or concerns.

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