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Are you debating if you should stay or leave the classroom?

Then it may be time to order a copy of my book, To Teach or Not to Teach. This is great for educators on the fence on whether they should stay or leave the classroom! This book has the perspective of multiple educators who are both in, out, and in the messy middle! Every copy ordered comes with a FREE gift!

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$20 Tutoring Contract Done for You For Tutors and their parents + Complimentary Voxer Access

DO you need policies, rules, and procedures in your tutoring business and stuck on how to get started? Get my e book for just $20 that has complimentary Voxer Access in case you have questions for 3 days and to get it audited before sending it to parents! 

Are you a tutor looking for tips to grow and scale your tutoring business?

Are you a passionate educator thinking of starting a tutoring business, but not quite sure how to get started? Or, maybe you already have a tutoring business but wondering how to get new students in your business, increase engagement, and scale your business to the next level? 
No matter where you stand in your tutoring business journey, I am here to help through Tutor Power Hours. These are designed to answer all questions you currently have about your tutoring business to take it to the next level, with lots of support & accountability from me, and free resources!
I use to teach in the classroom, left due to burnout, with no business background at all. I was broke when I started my business, confused on how to even get started...but now, I have been able to help over 20 families and hire a team of tutors! I want to help you reach your dreams in your business as well! 
Book your Power Hour Free information call below to see if this is right for you!

Does your child struggle with Staying Organized, Emotions, Breaking up Homework Tasks, or any other Executive Function Challenges?

Organized Backpack
The sad reality is that most schools are taking and have taken Executive Function Skills (life skills) out of the curriculum and school day. 
Kids must learn how to organize themselves, break up tasks, regulate their emotions, how to not react based on impulse. If they don't learn these vital skills it can effect:
  • their mood
  • self esteem
  • grades
  • daily functioning

And this is why we have LCB Coaching!! The packages for LCB Coaching are the same as LCB Tutoring (check out the About Us page, and scroll down to pricing). The only difference is your child gets unlimited Voxer Support with every session, to be sure they re supported 24/7. 

To find out if LCB Coaching may be a good fit for your child, book a FREE information call below. In the comments, just put LCB Coaching and your child's name!

Are you a homeschooling mama or "thinking about it" &  looking for support, but not trying to break the bank?

Home schooling
Are you a homeschooling mom looking for support on curriculums, resources, how to homeschool, scheduling, balancing work and homeschooling, or maybe something else? Or, maybe you are not wanting your kid(s) to go to school and thinking of homeschooling, but not quite sure how to get started! If so, it my be time to book a homeschooling bundle for just $99 where you get to ask unlimited questions about homeschooling and get support and free resources from me!!
Purchase your bundle below, screenshot your purpose and send it to my email: From there, I will send you a link to book a call!
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