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3 ways to eliminate "Oops, I forgot!" with Homework this school year!

Can you believe it's nearing the end of September? With Back to School being here and full blown, I've talked to many parents around the country about some of their BIGGEST STRESSORS for Back to School. One of the top things that parents have mentioned is Homework time....

Many parents have shared that Homework time is so stressful in their household because of:

  • emails from teachers from time to time saying HW assignments are missing, which means more work and lower grades on your child's end

  • a complete mood change from your child

  • Meltdowns about homework

  • Lack of motivation to get it completed

  • .....and the list goes on, so we will stop here.

Parents, does any of this sound like the reality of your household? If so, you are not alone, and the good news is I have a solution right here in this blog on 3 ways to eliminate, "Oooops, I forgot...." with Homework this school year. I know it is stressful, tiring, and overwhelming to deal with this...As a mom, auntie, and God mom myself, I can relate soooo much to this feeling (trust me!)

Grab your notepad and pen, because I am dropping REAL GEMS in this Youtube video!!!!

I truly hope this was helpful, and I pray for anyone reading this that it will make an impact on Homework time at home. If you are ever interested in having an academic coach help your child manage their planners or any other Executive Function challenges, which will lead to increased grades in school and better management of life, I also offer coaching services for middle and high school students. I do some of the same practices with them, as taught in the video with accountability. Email me at:

Best wishes to you and your child this school year!!!


Angela with LCB Tutoring

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