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Why is my child constantly struggling with their Reading Comprehension homework?

Let's imagine...

It's 5:30pm on a Thursday and you are either cooking dinner or possibly ordering take-out. You've had a long day at work, and have a what seems like endless amount of tasks to do in the evening to prepare for the next day.

As you are busy busy doing different task in the evening around the house, you get a sudden tap on your shoulder or you hear: "Can you help me with my Reading Homework?"

You can hear the frustration in your child's voice as they ask, and you may try to hide it, but deep down inside you feel frustrated too because you hear this like every week.

You don't quite understand the homework because you are not in class with your child, nor do you really have the time to sit there and go through that. It breaks your heart to see your child struggling with it and you begin feeling defeated, and you feel lost on what to even do.

  1. You may try to email the teacher, but that does not help much.

  2. You may find yourself on Google or Youtube trying to look up different words to help them out, but that still does not seem to do the trick.

  3. You may try to get a sibling to help out, but they don't get it either and have homework of their own.

At this are fed up and you may be tempted to just get on social media or ask around and see if anyone offers "Homework Help" for Reading. I mean your child is struggling with their homework, that seems like the most logical thing to do right?

I have a confession to make that you need to know. Homework help is not going to fix the problem in the long run. Yes, it will put a band-aid on those long and dark homework nights for the time being....but let me tell you something you need to hear, just in case no one has shared this.

If your child is struggling with their Reading homework, that is a sign of a bigger, deeper issue where there are some gaps that needs to closed. If they are not understanding their homework at home, that also means they are not understanding it at school..which means there is a gap, that if it does not get solved, will lead to bigger issues as they move on to higher grade levels and have state assessments.

So you may be wondering, what should I do then if my child is struggling with Reading homework?

Great question! You should get to the root of what the problem really is that's causing them to struggle, and the only way to be able to do that is to get an expert Reading Comprehension tutor to assess your child to be able to give a personalized approach to their strengths and weaknesses, and provide a customized plan to bring them up to speed.

Now you may be thinking...well my child gets different assessments at school such as MAP, iReady, STAAR, and many others that tell where they stand with Reading Comprehension. Although those assessments are pretty accurate, they are not 100% due to the fact that it is computer-generated and there is not a human being who is personalizing the assessment for the child. Allowing a tutor to assess your child will allow your child to get a personalized 1:1 approach with a breakdown on the gaps that they are able to go over with you. (If you have ever had a tutor who did not go over assessments with you, RUN! That's not a good sign, and the purpose of hiring a tutor is to get a personalized approach!)

There are various tutoring companies and private tutors who can assess your child but you want to make sure they are going to give a personalized approach, and not just another computer-generated exam.

If your child is constantly struggling with Reading Comprehension homework, you are tired, worn out, and at your wits-end and want to get to the bottom and address the true issue, use the link below and schedule a free consultation with us and let's chat! LCB Tutoring also offers free assessments with personalized feedback, so you can finally rest at night and have less stressful evenings!

I hope this was helpful and lets work together to get your child making A's on Homework and succeeding with Reading Comprehension in the long run!


Angela with LCB Tutoring

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