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Family's Guide: How can I know if Test Taking is a struggle for my student? What can I do about it?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Check out my video above on why I even started tutoring Test Prep in the first place....I can relate to many of the struggles students face with test, because guess what? I had some of the SAME struggles as many students today have! Now that I have the tools necessary, I feel it in my heart to share testing knowledge with families and students. Testing struggles do not go away on their own, they must be managed with proper strategies and techniques! Even if you don't choose me as your tutor, that's okay, I still want families to be aware of how to help students and discover their Testing needs, and that's what this blog is for! :)

Raise your hand if you're here because you are concerned in some way with your student's test taking skills. If so, you are at the RIGHT PLACE! This blog includes basic ways to figure out what specific aspect your student struggles with, along with action steps!

In this blog, I will share 4 top ways to figure out "How" your student may struggle with tests.

#1 Talk with your student's teacher Ask your student's teacher when could you schedule a "parent-teacher" conference with them. During the conference, share your concerns and things you are noticing. Then, ask about the grading scale (What percent/points) come from Test grades? Classwork? Homework? This will give you a better idea on strengths/weaknesses, and if testing is the real problem.

#2 Have a discussion about it with your student

Come to your student in a positive way about Test-Taking. Try not to approach them aggressively or by starting with negative concerns you have with test, as this may limit the amount of info they share. Try to go approachable and positive, asking open ended questions on their thoughts, experiences, and feelings when taking a test.​

#3 Have an open "safe" convo about studying

Share any study habits, if any, that you have had in past. Be open, honest, humble, and relatable. In an open-ended way ask your student about their studying experience, feelings, and thoughts. This will help give you an understanding in an open way if they have issues with studying.​

#4 Seek help​

Once you have unlocked these or have some idea, private tutoring with a tutor who specializes in Test Prep is a great way for students to get 1 on 1 help in this area. There are not many, if any at all, Test Taking classes in schools. And even though teachers may want to teach this, sometimes it's not enough hours in a day in a classroom setting. (I experienced this when I was teaching.) Testing is also not a "natural process", it's often a skill that needs to be taught. Many students may not do well on test, not because they are lazy or not paying attention, it could just be because they are laking the skills and strategies needed to perform well. is always a good option to look into as well! I do encourage you to schedule consultations with whatever options for help you choose to make sure you are choosing a good fit for your student. Scroll to my bottom to see all things my test prep sessions include!

Link to free "no pressure" tutoring consultation to learn more and see if LCB may be a good fit to assist with Test Prep:

Action steps you can start TODAY, or as soon as RIGHT NOW!

Pull our your Planner, calendar, reminders, etc...​

Think of a system you use to keep up with things and remind yourself of things you need to do. If you do not have a way, pick a way from one of the options above. Make it a priority within the next 2 weeks to plan out when you plan to implement the top ways. Ask yourself questions like:

  • When will I message my student's teacher for a conference?

  • When are times I am available that match the teacher's schedule?

  • Will I need to take off in advance for this or can we do a zoom or phone call? When do I plan to have the discussion with my student on test taking and study habits? How will I stay approachable and positive during this convo?

  • When will I seek a tutor for test prep once I've done this and have some idea?

Doing this will eliminate procrastination, which we are all guilty of at some point, and help you get your student back on track! And just know, is always a good option! :) So happy for you on taking this next step and let me know your thoughts, questions, or comments in the box below. Feel free to also email me at!

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