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What is the "hype" of online tutoring?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Do any of these thoughts come to mind when you think of online tutoring?

Have you ever wondered or had questions about the benefits of online tutoring? Are you on the fence wondering if online tutoring will really benefit your student? Or, do you just need reassurance that it's beneficial? Are you stuck trying to figure out if it's a good idea to enroll your student in online tutoring? Wherever you are on this topic of online tutoring, I UNDERSTAND! (And I am not just saying that...I really do.) I had some of the same questions until I was faced with distant learning through the pandemic, and quickly realized and saw how much fun it was and the amazing benefits it brought! And now, I wouldn't trade it for anything! There are SOO many benefits to online tutoring that I will share in this blog!

A Fun Friday group Writing party!

Top 6 Benefits to Online Tutoring

Online tutoring makes this quote FACTS!

How can we expect our young, elementary babies to truly learn when they are not having fun and enjoying the experience?

LCB online tutoring can change that!

1. Very fun and engaging! There are so many online resources, games, and platforms that make learning online fun and engaging. And let's face it, most of our students love technology which makes it even better! (Check out my video below on some of the many platforms I use during online learning.)

2. It's convenient! Your student can learn from the comfort of their home, even on a school day. As a parent/guardian, you do not have to rush your student to a meeting place, just turn on their device. It can also work well in emergency situations.

3. Notes and resources can be stored digitally and never get lost! Have you ever had notes and resources from your student's school that got lost or you can't find them? In elementary especially, notes and resources are AMAZING for students to review and remember all skills they learn, and with online learning, this is 100% possible.

4. Great opportunities for students to be expressive and show their thinking! There are so many tools with online tutoring that allows students to show their thinking-such as an online whiteboard, document camera, webcam view, and multiple fun websites that allows creativity to show their learning. (Check out my video below on some of the many platforms I use during online learning.)

5. Digital Fun Notebooks! With LCB Tutoring, I have digital fun notebooks that students have where they keep resources for home, activities through tutoring, and notes! All students I have tutored and taught love the digital notebooks, and families enjoy having them-and they NEVER get lost!

6. Online discussions are fun! In person, you are limited on the ways you can discuss and share thoughts on different topics. Online, there are SO many different ways to communicate that allows students to be creative, have fun, add videos/graphics, and so much more!

Online Tutoring is where it's at!

Tutoring in general is valuable and helps a student truly maximize their academic success. It fills any gaps that often occurs through busy school days, provides a challenge for more advanced students, and reinforces any skills that may not be as solid as they need to be. Online tutoring maximizes learning even more with flexible scheduling, expert instruction, student engagement, and personalized lesson plans that are created just for your UNIQUE student and their UNIQUE learning styles.

But...Don't take my word for it! See what parents have to say...

Parents even have fun listening to our sessions!!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or needing any resources related to this topic, feel free to email me at:

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I want to try online and person is not working for me and our schedule with all the covid, how can I get more information?

Angela Taylor
Angela Taylor
Sep 03, 2021
Replying to

Hey Lisa! Great question, and trust and believe I completely get it! Feel free to fill out the "Get in Touch" form or email me at:, and we will go from there! 😀

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